Wreck removal of Jack Up barge offshore Abu Dhabi

During coring operations on a pipeline route survey, a Jack Up barge capsized during inclement weather. All crew where recovered safely but the barge was a total loss.

As the wreck lay on the pipeline route and was close to a major Abu Dhabi Oilfield it was decided to remove the wreckage.

Zakher Marine was awarded the Contract for wreck removal through an International competitive tender.

Zakher Marine Project team team commenced with procedures and risk assessments over a three week period.

The full Salvage team was mobilised onto an Accommodation Work barge complete with Dive Team, and surveyors and two AHTS.

Upon arrival at the wreck site the Barge was moored at location and the team commenced an extensive survey of the site using a combination of Sector Scan Sonar to identify targets and then video survey conducted by diver. Every element of the site was recorded in detail and risk assessments where conducted on board in conjunction with the Client’s representative to determine the safest procedures for removal without endangering personnel, equipment or the environment.

Leg sections where cut using thermal lance and detailed crane lift procedures where produced for each crane operation for removal of debris to the deck of the barge, additional wreckage was removed and the complete site cleared of all debris.

The whole project was completed within budget and time frame with no incidents, injury or environmental damage.

Wreck removal of Jack Up barge offshore Abu Dhabi

Wreck removal of Jack Up barge offshore Abu Dhabi

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