Travel Safety Policy

The Company is committed to the goals of significantly reducing road traffic, air traveling injuries and fatalities and achieving world class safety performance.

The Company believes that this can be advanced by the implementation of a number of sound driving practices, namely:

  1. Personnel should be made aware that land transport safety is as important as other business objectives and that transport incidents are avoidable.
  2. Personnel should strive continuously for improvement in land transport safety performance by minimizing risk.
  3. The promotion of openness and the participation of all individuals in improving safety performance should be actively encouraged.
  4. There should be a commitment to meet all legislative requirements and to apply responsible standards and procedures where national regulations do not exist.
  5. The requirement for land transport should be challenged and consideration given to alternatives to reduce the consumption of fuel, emissions and discharges.
  6. All transportation operations should be undertaken with proper regard for the environment and a striving to reduce the consumption of fuel, emissions and discharges.


Additionally, following points must be understood / complied with when travelling:

Air Travel

  1. Do not consume alcohol before, during or after a flight.
  2. Consume water or fruit juice before, during and after your flight.
  3. Remember when travelling to or from home, you are representing the company and as such, your behaviour reflects on the company.
  4. When joining a vessel after a long period of travel time / passing through time zones etc, the Master and Chief Engineer should endeavor to get a sufficient rest before taking command of the vessel. In such cases, the outgoing Master and Chief Engineer should not complete the handover until they are satisfied that their relief is adequately rested and fit for work responsibilities following their journey.
  5. Luggage allowances should always be checked before travel to ensure that no penalties for excessive baggage will be charged.


Road Travel

  1. All company personnel operating a company car or hire car must obey by the local traffic laws and speed restrictions.
  2. Seat belts must be worn at all times.
  3. Mobile phones and/or electrical devices should not be used when driving a vehicle. If such use is required, you should stop at the next safe place to place or take a call. This includes text messages and emails.
  4. All company vehicles should be kept in good condition.
  5. If hiring a car. Please ensure you check that it is in a good condition and there are no obvious defects with the steering/breaking systems etc.


These practices are also applicable when the Company utilizes processes for pre-qualification of land transportation service providers and other contractors. The Company considers that demonstration of performance delivery against these practices is of critical importance in the Contractor and sub-Contractor pre-qualification assessment.

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