Stop Work Policy

It is the policy of the Company that:

  1. All Company employees and contractors operating within the Company work sites ashore and offshore have the authority and obligation to stop any task or operation where the controls of risks from hazards to Safety Health and Environment are not clearly understood, or concerns about any of the control measures exists.
  1.  No work shall resume until all “Stop Work” concerns and questions have been adequately addressed and resolved.
  1. The Company’s Management will not tolerate any form of reprisal or intimidation directed at any individual for exercising their authority as outlined in this policy.


The Company’s Senior Management is committed to creating a culture where “Stop Work” is exercised freely, monitor the compliance with the policy and resolve “Stop Work” conflicts.

It shall be the responsibility of every person in supervisory position to:

  1. Create and continuously strengthen the culture within their respective departments where the authority of “Stop Work” is exercised freely.
  1. Acknowledge proactive participation and ensure that all “Stop Work” actions are properly reported with required follow-up completed.


It shall be the responsibility of ALL Company employees and contractors to initiate a “Stop Work” intervention when warranted, to support the intervention of others and properly report all “Stop Work” actions.

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