Our Policies

ZMI top management believes that, in providing comprehensive marine support services to the offshore industry, the Safety and Health of its employees, including Contractors and all persons working under its control, together with the general public, as well as the protection of the Environment, are the overriding responsibilities and considerations in carrying out its diverse marine operations.  

The continual improvement of the Company’s Safety, Security, Health and Environmental culture, embracing as it does the standards of services provided, constitutes the key element of ZMI’s strategic objectives in delivering the highest level of quality to its Clients.  
Top management will make available the necessary resources and is obligated to continually measure and improve its Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality performance.   

The Company is committed to the achievement of its SSHEQ policy through the attainment of the following goals:  

• Zero harm to people, property and the environment in all undertakings.

• Maintenance and continual improvement of the Company and all its vessels, in conformity with the ISM Code, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and OSHAS 18001: 2007 Standards and maintenance  of safe and pollution-free operating practices.  

• Compliance with all applicable legal, international, statutory, regulatory and consistent with customer requirements in respect of Safety, Security, Health, Environment and Quality.

• Maintenance of procedures for the ongoing identification of hazards, the assessment of risk and the implementation of the necessary control measures with the firm aim of preventing ill-health and eliminating injuries and to be prepared for any operational emergency that may arise.

• Practice of regular safety and emergency exercises, both onshore and offshore, and the development of a culture of SSHEQ awareness, personal discipline and accountability through the application of the SSHEQ Management System.  

• Promotion of open communications and employees’ participation, via Company incentive schemes, in measures aimed at continually improving Safety, Security, Health, Quality and protection of the Environment.  

• Create a “no blame culture” and encourage reporting, focus on ways to correct mistakes and prevent recurrence  

• Recruitment of well-qualified employees, both onshore and offshore, holding qualifications and certificates complying with the regulations. Continual improvement of their performance through the identification of their training needs and providing all necessary resources, rewards etc., as applicable.

• Delivery of a high and continually improving level of quality standards of services by recognizing and meeting Client’s needs, requirements and expectations.  

• Adherence, at all times, to the documented SSHEQ Management System operating procedures, through a system of internal audits, controls and verification.  
It is the responsibility of all personnel, from top management through to all employees, to commit themselves fully to the goals of the SSHEQ Policy; to follow procedures and instructions at all times and to take the necessary precautions to protect and care for themselves, their colleagues, any passengers, the ship, its cargo, and the environment. 

Our Policies