Drug and Alcohol Policy

The possession, use or distribution of alcohol or of illegal drugs or substances is strictly prohibited onboard company property and vessels or on any company business. It is a serious offense and grounds for employment termination of any employee to be found using and in possession of or under the influence of alcohol, any illegal drug, substance, or any other legal but unlawfully used substance, including but not limited to prescription drugs obtained or used without permission or such drugs not being used for their originally intended purpose at any time during their tour of duty.

The company maintains ‘Zero Tolerance’ with regard to the use of any drugs or alcohol (unless prescribed by a medical professional) and as such any tests that come back showing any amount of drug or alcohol content is automatically a failed test.

Zero tolerance = Zero Alcohol / Zero Drugs

The company management is committed to a safe, healthy and productive working environment for all employees (both shore-based and onboard company vessels).

Employees of other companies, suppliers and visitors are also required to observe the Drug and Alcohol Policy while on the Company premises.

It is the Master’s responsibility to ensure the effective implementation of this policy on board.

The following instructions shall be strictly complied by all company employees to contribute in the maintenance of a safe, healthy and productive working environment:


  1. The use or possession of alcohol is totally prohibited on board Company vessels and in any of the Company’s shore work sites, guesthouse, including offices.
  2. Unlawful possession, consumption, distribution or sale of drugs by any Company employee warrants instant dismissal and will render the person liable for legal action. 
  3. Any form of drug, with the exception of prescribed drugs, is consequently totally banned on board Company vessels. 
  4. Personnel on prescribed drugs must inform the Master upon joining or upon prescription during service on board, If the Master is on a prescribed drug, he will declare this to the Company prior to joining the vessel, or upon prescription during the period of service on board.
  5. Have a responsibility to the company, their fellow employees, their subordinates and the general public to ensure that everyone in the workplace complies with this policy.


The company shall, from time to time, conduct unannounced searches for drugs and/or alcohol on its owned or controlled property (both shore-side and vessels/MOU’s). The company may require employees to submit to medical evaluation, or drug and alcohol testing, where the use of drugs or the abuse of alcohol is either obvious or suspected. In the case of any serious accident, timely testing shall be carried out in the course of the investigation.

At no time shall any employee be allowed to perform assigned duties while under the effect of alcohol or drugs.  All employees shall be subject to random and probable cause testing and inspection by the company in our effort to enforce this policy. This responsibility will be supported by a system of random alcohol testing, whereby respective MSI’s/Company Representative carry out random tests either on specific individuals or on full crews. Results will be formally recorded. Shore staff may be tested on a random basis by the HR Manager and site safety officer, as considered appropriate.

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